Ink On The Finger’s Inner Surface Is Not The Best Choice – Explained With Logic

Finger TattoosThe job of a real tattoo artist is not just to ink the bodies of their clients, but also to provide them with the best tattoo advice. Whether it is about what colour will be suitable, or if it is about which part of the body is not ideal for a tattoo, the artists at 905 Ink are ethical. 

If a particular kind of tattoo is not the best choice for a client, we suggest that the client drop the idea. We often do this when we receive requests for tattoos on the inner part of the finger. The ring finger is the most popular demand which we have to deny. In this post, we shall give you the logic behind denying such tattoos.

When this particular part is inked, giving even the most basic care gets tough. We understand that the clients want this spot to have some ink. Mostly the reason is to express love for a person in life. As beautiful is the idea, it is tough to maintain the tattoo inked on the inner part of the finger. To understand the logic behind, go through the points elaborated ahead. 

1. Unavoidable And Regular Friction

If you see how is the bone structure of the human hand, you will notice, it is not possible to hold the fingers completely away from each other voluntarily. If you are not controlling your fingers, there will always be regular contact in the fingers.

When you get a fresh tattoo, you are supposed to prevent any rubbing on the inked skin. With the tattoos on the inner part of a finger, doing so is impossible. Even if you control this for the time you are awake, the fingers will rub while you are asleep. It will affect the quality of the tattoo as the pigment will get scratched out because of the regular friction. In some cases, it is also possible that the inked person may get an infection because of the friction.

2. The tattoo fades away with time

Even if you managed to go through the healing process of the tattoo on the finger’s inner part, it would eventually lose its quality. People with such tattoos often come to the conclusion that the artist did not do the job well, or did not use good quality ink. However, even if the world’s best ink was used for such a tattoo, future results will not be as per expectations.

You have to use your hands and fingers for several tasks, which affects the quality of the art. Also, this part is often exposed to sunlight. Therefore the ink has a lot of chances of fading. 

3. Drawing A Tattoo On This Part Is Complex

When the artist has to draw the tattoo on your body, it is expected that the body (the tattoo artists’ canvas) will still be to some extent. Controlling the finger for the client gets tough, and in such situations, making the tattoo is also not an easy task. There is a possibility of a mistake while tattooing this spot. Neither the artists nor you would want to have an error in a permanent tattoo.

4. Ink Blots More Easily On The Inner Finger Tattoos

Almost all tattoo artists have observed that tattoos on the inner part of the finger have blotted ink. The reason is simple that this part is tiny. Only small tattoos can be made here, and if it has even the least amount of detailing, the ink will surely blot after some time.

At older ages, the wrinkles on the hand will make the ink blot, and your tattoo on this spot will not look as you had it made.


As the artists at 905 Ink care for their clients’ best interests, the requests for tattoos on the inner part of the finger are not accepted. As ethical artists, we always suggest our clients to not even seek other artists for the same request. Most tattoo artists will deny this request, but if they are usually pushed, they tend to say yes, just to fulfill the clients’ request. Although, we expect that our readers will understand the logic of 905 ink artists denying these tattoos and think about the futuristic approach.

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