laser tattoo removal

Ready to give yourself a fresh start? Let our team of experts erase any unwanted tattoos with laser tattoo removal! Our advanced laser technology is designed to remove tattoos in fewer treatments, with minimal scarring and no downtime. We can remove any ink color; from black, green and blue to red, yellow and orange. Stop living in the past and make room for a new tattoo! Schedule your free consultation today at our tattoo facility 905 INK Toronto or Brampton.

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Small, simple tattoos can usually be done as walk-ins and depending on availability they can be done the same day! If you want to book an appointment for a tattoo and have something already drawn up that’s ready or nearly ready to be tattooed then simply come in to the studio so we can talk to you about your design, figure out the size and placement, and then book the tattoo appointment for you, you’ll receive an exact quoted price when you book in for small tattoos, larger ones are charged by the hour and each artist has a different rate based on their experience and styles, all this will be outlined and made clear when you come see us. Our friendly crew that answer the phones, replies to your emails and makes your bookings are always here and happy to help!