History Of Tattoo Making – How It All Started?

Micro Realism StatuesWhether it is about tattoos in Canada or the rest of the world, they are gaining popularity. Now, the people are getting inked with tattoo ideas that carry meaning for them. Even the number of artists in the tattoo industry has increased. Each one is working hard to improve their skills.

However, before the tattoo industry’s current scenario, there were different times when there were not even tattoo machines. In this blog post, we shall be talking about the interesting history of the tattoos. This information is not just to increase the factual knowledge of tattoos, but also to help the readers develop a better taste in choosing the right tattoos for their personalities.


The research suggests that tattoos were practiced in Western China, Egypt, the European continent, Greenland, Philippines, and other parts of the world. With these facts, it cannot be surely said that where was the first tattoo made. However, some researches may suggest that first tattoos were made in Egypt. The two mummies with tattoos that were found in Egypt can be dated between 3351 and 3017 BCE.

The tattoos started with tribes and were used to differentiate the tribe members. It was done both within and outside the tribe. Within the tribe, the tattoos defined the rank of the member. A senior member of the tribe would have either more tattoos or a few tattoos that only seniors could get. The different tribes had different tattoos, and thus the different designs were used to recognize the tribe of a person.

Later this culture came was carried on, and people started using tattoos to define their religion, belief, etc. This practice also got prominent in gang culture. Different gangs had different tattoos to represent their member, just like the tribes were doing in the past. Because of this, the tattoo practice also started in prison. People serving time in prison got tattoos there, and because of this, the tattoos started getting a bad name.

People who wanted to do a job were suggested to either not have a tattoo or not let it be visible when going for a job interview. In countries like Japan, tattoos are still connected with gangs and Yakuza. However, as the human race got more civilized with time, tattoos were less related to violence and more with art. Tattoos are still not appreciated in various countries and cultures, but in most parts of the world, youth is inclined towards this art form and giving it a different meaning. 

The Current Scenario Of Tattoo Industry

The tattoo artists these days define the tattoo industry in a better way. They are more artistic and dedicated to their work. If you are willing to get a tattoo with meaning, you can visit the studios and talk about your idea. Artists will understand your vibe and come up with a sketch that best describes your thought or imagination. 

Celebrities spend a fortune to get the best artists and get inked. With more understanding of this art form, the general population also tries to find the best artists to tattoo their skin. With an increase in competition in the tattoo industry, the artists are also improving their skill level, equipment, space to do tattoos, and their social media presence.

Currently, the tattoo art form is very much trending, and everyone wants some tattoo to define their thoughts. Because of this, there are not just great artists in the industry, but also novice artists who lack skill. You should be aware of this fact and pick the right artist, so your tattoo looks like you had portrayed it in your imagination.

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