A Complete Guide On Taking Care Of Your New Tattoo

FRESH TATTOOWhether you are getting your 1st tattoo or the 10th, you will have to take care of it. A fresh tattoo is a wound and has several chances of getting infected. The right care helps in preventing that. Apart from infections, if one does not take proper care, the color of the tattoo may fade. If this happens, you will have to spend more time and go for a new session.

It might not look like a big problem, but it is always better to take good care of the fresh tattoo. The right care of your new tattoo can prevent you from wasting your time and of the tattoo artists. Also, you will not have to bear the pain of the needle for the same tattoo again and again.

Remember these pointers to understand what to do and what not after you have been inked. 

1. Do not expose the fresh tattoo to the air

The air around you can have dust particles, bacteria, and other things that can create problems for the fresh tattoo. If you have been tattooed before or have seen anyone being tattooed, you know a fresh tattoo is a wound. Several arteries are damaged during the process, and in such a scenario, it is highly possible for bacteria and other things present in the air to contaminate the wound. When you are done getting your tattoo, your artist will make sure that he or she covers the tattoo with a suitable material like food wrap. 

If you do not see such a thing happening, urge the artist to cover your tattoo with a food wrap (plastic wrap). Also, the plastic wrap should not be covering your tattoo for more than a few hours (2 to 3 hours is sufficient). If it stays there for too long, the sweat and bleeding may produce bacteria under the wrap. So, also remember to remove the cover timely.

2. Applying the right ointment

People usually think that they are not supposed to take a shower when they have had a fresh tattoo. This is a myth, and doing so, can make you smell and uncomfortable in public places. Taking a shower is possible after a fresh tattoo, only that it should be protected with some ointment that prevents direct contact of the fresh tattoo with water. You can use any oil-based lotions, like petroleum gelly. It creates a coat on the tattoo and prevents water droplets from touching in the tattoo. People in various countries also prefer using coconut oil as it creates a layer on the tattoo and is also known to heal the wound more naturally. 

3. Do Not Itch the tattoo

As your tattoo is two days under the healing process, you will surely feel an itching sensation around the tattoo. You need not worry about It. It is natural and indicates that the healing process has started. However, you have to be very cautious while satisfying the itch. Make sure not to scratch the tattoo until it is fully fine. If you itch the tattoo with nails, the crust formed on the wound comes out, and with it, the pigment in ink also comes out. Itching with nails removes the color, and you will have to get a new sitting after the healing process. If your healing tattoo is itching, then instead of scratching it, it is advised to pat the area. Do it with a soft cotton cloth, preferably.

4. Do not over apply the tattoo care products

After your tattoo is done, the artist will give you the best available product in the market for taking care of the fresh tattoo. Your job is not over to use the product. Many people spoil their tattoos with the over-application of these products. The post-tattoo care product has to be applied in limited quantities. Applying twice a day is considered to be sufficient.

5. Prevent exposure to the sunlight

It is not possible to hide your tattoo from the sunlight all the time. However, one should try to get their fresh tattoo the least exposure of the sunlight. Sunlight can fade the tattoo and also irritate the skin. 

These are the easy to follow steps after a fresh tattoo is done on your body. If you need more advice on this topic, you can contact the professional artists at 905 Ink. To know more, visit our website. 

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