The process

choosing an artist

Determine the Tattoo Style You Want

There are many different styles that tattoo artists can specialize in and it’s important to find an artist that is going to be able to help you bring your piece to life – Are you looking for realism, illustrative, geometric or traditional styles? Not sure? Have a look through our artist’s profiles to determine who does the types of tattoos you are thinking about getting!

Look at Artist Portfolios

Browse through our ARTIST PORTFOLIOS to get an idea of the types of tattoos that each artist would be able to send you home with.

Come In For a Free Consultation

The best and fastest way to get on the same page with the artist you’ve picked out is to come in to the shop and have a quick consultation to discuss what it is your looking to have done with them. Your artist will be more than happy to walk you through the tattooing/healing process and answer any questions you might be having before making an appointment. Make sure you bring any reference/inspirational photos you might have to show your artist!

Services We Offer

Portraits – Black and Grey -Realism – Colour Realism – Custom Tattoo – Custom Designs / Script – Dot work – Cover-ups / Re-works 

Book a free consultation

going ahead with your appointment

Consultations with artists are always free, but once it comes to booking your tattoo appointment and having your artist create a design – our studio will require a non-refundable deposit which will be applied to your total tattoo cost at the end of your appointment.

Your artist’s specific deposit policy regarding rescheduling appointments will be shared with you before you complete your booking and it will be your responsibility to follow the policy set out.

*Deposits are only kept for a year of your last appointment, and are only valid if you have an active appointment*


  • You must be 18 or older to get tattooed. (16 years with parents/guardian consent)
  • No children or pets allowed
  • Confirm with your artist if you are able to have a guest accompany you
  • Ask your artist for their touch-up policy


  • Eat a big meal beforehand and bring lots of drinks and snacks.  
  • A lot of things affect how your body reacts to being tattooed. 

Some things include:

      • Caffeine
      • Painkillers
      • Narcotics
      • Blood Thinners
      • Alcohol

These substances are best to be avoided, but let your artist know if you’ve taken any. 

  • Bring things to help you stay comfortable during your appointment like; layered clothing, pillow, blanket, headphones, phone charger, etc.
  • It is very helpful to your artist if the area you want to get tattooed has been well moisturized – the longer you’re able to have a moisturizing routine, the better!
  • Dress for the tattoo – wear a tank top or shorts if necessary for the piece. Bring extra layers for the parts that aren’t getting tattooed – clients tend to get cold during sittings.
  • Make sure you set aside a generous amount of time for your appointment – you don’t want your artist rushing work that’s going to be on your body forever.