Basic Tattoo Categories That You Should Be Aware Of – Part 2

While in part 1 of this post, we discussed with you the six genres of tattoos (Classic Americana, Japanese, new school, black and grey, blackwork and realistic) in this second part of this post we shall be discussing six other categories of tattoo art. As a person who has an interest in the tattoo art and industry, you should know about all the tattoo categories. So, if you have not read part 1 of this post, also make sure to read that thoroughly after you are done reading this one.

1. Portraiture

The portraiture tattoos are a sub-category of the realistic tattoo category. While in realistic tattoos, the artists have to take care of various types of drawings, in portraiture, only portraits are created. They are as real as are the realism tattoos. Though this will depend on the artists’ work quality. Portrait tattoos are done by various people to celebrate their favourite musicians, actors, and other celebrities. Apart from portraits if celebrities, people are also creating portrait tattoos of their family members and pets. If you are willing to get a portrait tattoo, make sure you are ready to spend the right amount of your money and are sure about the idea. 

2. Tribal Tattoos

TRIBAL TATTOOS - 905ink tattoo shopThe oldest tattoos in the world are tribal tattoos. These tattoos are in existence for more than thousands of years. These tattoos were used to define a person from a clan or tribe. So, in tribal tattoos, there are a number of designs that are made using geometrics, dot work, and bold outlining. The Maori tribal tattoos are the most popular tribal tattoos in the industry, and various people travel to places specially to get the tribal tattoos inked on their bodies.

3. Biomechanical Tattoos

Scifi based movies like The Terminator inspire these tattoos. The purpose of these tattoos is to portray a mechanical weapon hidden in your skin like the robot in the movie terminator had. These tattoos can be used to depict aliens, robots and anything futuristic. These tattoos on a broader section will be categorized as realism tattoo category. If you are a die-hard of science fiction, these tattoos are your choice.

4. Geometric Tattoos

One of the most trending tattoo categories these days is geometric tattoos. If the artist can achieve each line with perfection in the geometric tattoos, you can expect them to impress the viewers for the rest of your life. People use geometric tattoo concept in the tattoo designs of animals, flowers or anything related to nature. People with geometric tattoos that have a combination of elements from nature are simply trying to portray the love for symmetry and nature both simultaneously.

5. Realistic Trash Polka

This tattoo style has been originated in Germany. These tattoos are often showing a collage structure, realistic photos along with other printed materials like handwritten letters documents etc. They also show different colours like red. The purpose of these colours is just to give better contrast and more realistic appearance to the tattoo. For these tattoos also we advise to not go in for small size tattoos but something that can at least cover the back of your body

6. Watercolour Tattoos

The watercolour tattoos are the most trending styles in tattoo art. To get the best watercolour tattoo on your body, we suggest to only go to the best artists. These tattoos are colourful. The details of the watercolour tattoos is highlighted through the colour combinations. It is believed that they also have excellent outline work, but it is not the case. The watercolour tattoos are supposed to look like a painting done with pastels, paintbrushes, and a free hand.

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