A Complete Guide On Getting Inked For The First Time

Nowadays, tattoos are trending. Various movie stars, international sportspeople, and other celebrities are getting inked to define their thoughts in an intellectual expression. Not just the celebs, but also regular people get inked, and they also spend a considerable amount of money. Tattoos are trending not just amongst the youth, but also senior people are fascinated by them.

So whether you are in your teens, planning a family, or your relaxation retirement life, getting a tattoo (or more than one) is a good idea. If you are getting inked for the first time, it is the right post for you. We are going to guide you with everything that you should know before your first tattoo.


Pain Of Getting Inked

People are fond of tattoos, but the fear of pain prevents them from getting inked. If you have never got a tattoo, it is obvious to have that fear. After all, it is a sharp needle that will be piercing your skin more than one time. However, if you ask the same question from a person with a tattoo, they will tell you that the pain is bearable. We also say the same; the pain is not as extreme as people think.

The pain will also depend on the amount of experience your artist holds. If the artist is professional and has the experience, it is possible that you may not feel the pain at all. You should also know that the bigger the tattoo, the more will be the pain. With that said, we shall now discuss with you other things to consider for your first tattoo.


Choosing The Right Tattoo

1. It should be more than a design

Your first tattoo (or even your last) should not be just a beautiful drawing by the tattoo artist. If that is the matter, you will not be able to cherish your tattoo for your entire life. Your tattoos should have a meaning for you. If the tattoo has a meaning, you will always love it for what it describes you. So, before you choose your tattoo, make sure that you gave a good thought behind the meaning.

2. Pick the right size

When you get your first tattoo, there is no hard and fast rule that it should not be big. However, the first experience of getting inked lets you understand the pain, and thus, we suggest starting with a small tattoo. A small tattoo will not be painful, and also the post-tattoo care will be easy. 

3. Choosing The Spot On Your Body

When you are getting your first tattoo, we suggest getting it on a body area where there is more muscle and less bone. The pain on the muscles is less as compared to the bone. You can choose your wrist, forearm, or calf muscles. We advise not to get your first tattoo on the ribs, elbow, knee caps, shins, or any area of the body where the bone can be felt with a bare hand. If you are working in a professional organization, make sure your tattoos are not on visible parts like face, neck, fingers, etc. 

How To Come Up With An Original Design?

If your favorite movie star, singer, etc. is wearing a jacket, it is possible that you too buy the same and feel good about it. However, copying a tattoo from your favorite celebrity will not be a good idea. Whether it is your first tattoo or last, you want it to be original. To make your tattoo design unique, talk to your artist about your ideas. This conversation will help your artist to bring your ideas on the canvas and later to your skin.

When you have thought about an idea, think about it for a week and see if you will be able to represent the expression behind it.

A professional artist should also do your first tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo artist with great imagination and clean work in Brampton or Toronto, you can contact 905 Ink. We have the best artists, a hygienic studio, and professional work ethic culture. Visit our website for your appointment today. 

A Complete Guide On Taking Care Of Your New Tattoo

Whether you are getting your 1st tattoo or the 10th, you will have to take care of it. A fresh tattoo is a wound and has several chances of getting infected. The right care helps in preventing that. Apart from infections, if one does not take proper care, the color of the tattoo may fade. If this happens, you will have to spend more time and go for a new session.

It might not look like a big problem, but it is always better to take good care of the fresh tattoo. The right care of your new tattoo can prevent you from wasting your time and of the tattoo artists. Also, you will not have to bear the pain of the needle for the same tattoo again and again.

Remember these pointers to understand what to do and what not after you have been inked. 


1. Do not expose the fresh tattoo to the air

The air around you can have dust particles, bacteria, and other things that can create problems for the fresh tattoo. If you have been tattooed before or have seen anyone being tattooed, you know a fresh tattoo is a wound. Several arteries are damaged during the process, and in such a scenario, it is highly possible for bacteria and other things present in the air to contaminate the wound. When you are done getting your tattoo, your artist will make sure that he or she covers the tattoo with a suitable material like food wrap. 

If you do not see such a thing happening, urge the artist to cover your tattoo with a food wrap (plastic wrap). Also, the plastic wrap should not be covering your tattoo for more than a few hours (2 to 3 hours is sufficient). If it stays there for too long, the sweat and bleeding may produce bacteria under the wrap. So, also remember to remove the cover timely.


2. Applying the right ointment

People usually think that they are not supposed to take a shower when they have had a fresh tattoo. This is a myth, and doing so, can make you smell and uncomfortable in public places. Taking a shower is possible after a fresh tattoo, only that it should be protected with some ointment that prevents direct contact of the fresh tattoo with water. You can use any oil-based lotions, like petroleum gelly. It creates a coat on the tattoo and prevents water droplets from touching in the tattoo. People in various countries also prefer using coconut oil as it creates a layer on the tattoo and is also known to heal the wound more naturally. 


3. Do Not Itch the tattoo

As your tattoo is two days under the healing process, you will surely feel an itching sensation around the tattoo. You need not worry about It. It is natural and indicates that the healing process has started. However, you have to be very cautious while satisfying the itch. Make sure not to scratch the tattoo until it is fully fine. If you itch the tattoo with nails, the crust formed on the wound comes out, and with it, the pigment in ink also comes out. Itching with nails removes the color, and you will have to get a new sitting after the healing process. If your healing tattoo is itching, then instead of scratching it, it is advised to pat the area. Do it with a soft cotton cloth, preferably. 


4. Do not over apply the tattoo care products

After your tattoo is done, the artist will give you the best available product in the market for taking care of the fresh tattoo. Your job is not over to use the product. Many people spoil their tattoos with the over-application of these products. The post-tattoo care product has to be applied in limited quantities. Applying twice a day is considered to be sufficient.


5. Prevent exposure to the sunlight

It is not possible to hide your tattoo from the sunlight all the time. However, one should try to get their fresh tattoo the least exposure of the sunlight. Sunlight can fade the tattoo and also irritate the skin. 

These are the easy to follow steps after a fresh tattoo is done on your body. If you need more advice on this topic, you can contact the professional artists at 905 Ink. To know more, visit our website. 

Basic Tattoo Categories That You Should Be Aware Of – Part 2

While in part 1 of this post, we discussed with you the six genres of tattoos (Classic Americana, Japanese, new school, black and grey, blackwork and realistic) in this second part of this post we shall be discussing six other categories of tattoo art. As a person who has an interest in the tattoo art and industry, you should know about all the tattoo categories. So, if you have not read part 1 of this post, also make sure to read that thoroughly after you are done reading this one.

1. Portraiture

The portraiture tattoos are a sub-category of the realistic tattoo category. While in realistic tattoos, the artists have to take care of various types of drawings, in portraiture, only portraits are created. They are as real as are the realism tattoos. Though this will depend on the artists’ work quality. Portrait tattoos are done by various people to celebrate their favourite musicians, actors, and other celebrities. Apart from portraits if celebrities, people are also creating portrait tattoos of their family members and pets. If you are willing to get a portrait tattoo, make sure you are ready to spend the right amount of your money and are sure about the idea. 

2. Tribal Tattoos

The oldest tattoos in the world are tribal tattoos. These tattoos are in existence for more than thousands of years. These tattoos were used to define a person from a clan or tribe. So, in tribal tattoos, there are a number of designs that are made using geometrics, dot work, and bold outlining. The Maori tribal tattoos are the most popular tribal tattoos in the industry, and various people travel to places specially to get the tribal tattoos inked on their bodies.

3. Biomechanical Tattoos

Scifi based movies like The Terminator inspire these tattoos. The purpose of these tattoos is to portray a mechanical weapon hidden in your skin like the robot in the movie terminator had. These tattoos can be used to depict aliens, robots and anything futuristic. These tattoos on a broader section will be categorized as realism tattoo category. If you are a die-hard of science fiction, these tattoos are your choice.

4. Geometric Tattoos

One of the most trending tattoo categories these days is geometric tattoos. If the artist can achieve each line with perfection in the geometric tattoos, you can expect them to impress the viewers for the rest of your life. People use geometric tattoo concept in the tattoo designs of animals, flowers or anything related to nature. People with geometric tattoos that have a combination of elements from nature are simply trying to portray the love for symmetry and nature both simultaneously.

5. Realistic Trash Polka

This tattoo style has been originated in Germany. These tattoos are often showing a collage structure, realistic photos along with other printed materials like handwritten letters documents etc. They also show different colours like red. The purpose of these colours is just to give better contrast and more realistic appearance to the tattoo. For these tattoos also we advise to not go in for small size tattoos but something that can at least cover the back of your body. 

6. Watercolour Tattoos

The watercolour tattoos are the most trending styles in tattoo art. To get the best watercolour tattoo on your body, we suggest to only go to the best artists. These tattoos are colourful. The details of the watercolour tattoos is highlighted through the colour combinations. It is believed that they also have excellent outline work, but it is not the case. The watercolour tattoos are supposed to look like a painting done with pastels, paintbrushes, and a free hand.

We hope that our readers have been following all the informative posts of 905 Ink. After reading these blogs, if you have more curiosities related to tattoos, you can visit our Brampton and Toronto tattoo studios. You can also go through our website where we keep posting blogs that can be helpful for you in several ways. 

Basic Tattoo Categories That You Should Be Aware Of – Part 1

The tattoo art has become so popular in the current times that amongst five adults, one surely has a tattoo. Whether you are planning on getting inked today or in the future, necessary information on various tattoos will help you choose the right tattoo for your personality. Also, knowing the current popular art form makes you a more aware and learned personality. To keep the post interesting, we divided it into two parts. Go through the both to be updated with the right information.

Tattoo Genres


These old school tattoos are a combination of solid colors and outlines. Also, the images in the classic Americana tattoos is old school ideology-based. Few examples to describe this tattoo category can be a pinup female figure tattoo, tattoos with roses and daggers, predatory animals like wolves, etc. In 1930 Norman Sailor JerryCollins made these kind of tattoos famous, and to date, it is a prevalent tattoo choice.


Many people misinterpret the meaning of Japanese tattoos as the tattoos which have words written in Japanese. However, this whole genre of tattoos has a significant history related to them. These are associated with the ancient Japanese artwork, which depicts their gods, dragons, and various other characters in the old Japanese traditions rand sc. At a certain point in time, these were done only as colored tattoos; however, black and white Japanese tattoos are also getting popular now. If you plan on something like these tattoos, you must be aware that such tattoos will cover a large part of your body.


Like Japanese tattoos, the new school tattoos are also meant to cover large parts of the body and usually done on the back, arm sleeves, or other prominent areas of the body. The new school tattoo genre is all about depictions of comic book and manga characters and incidents. This tattoo genre is one of the most popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts.


The most popular tattoo genre is black and grey, and many tattoo artists prefer doing it too. These tattoos can be used in various other categories of tattoos also. They can be of any size depending on the decision of the client and the artist. The artists who are pro with black and grey tattoos usually try to find different shades of grey by diluting the black ink. Well done, black and grey tattoos are very outstanding and never fail to impress the viewers.


The original tattoos that were done in tribes and are currently known as tribal tattoos were done only in black color. From these tattoos originated the blackwork tattoo category. These tattoos, similar to tribal tattoos, have thick black outlines. The filling is also done with the black ink itself, and the designs are mostly symmetric. The artists doing these tattoos can offer their clients several designs with varying sizes.


Most professional tattoo artists do these tattoos in the industry, and clients who get these tattoos are the ones who are passionate about drawing art. These tattoos can be in any color mixtures, sizes, and designs. They outstand because they look alive like a real picture clicked from a camera. If you are willing to get a realistic tattoo, you must not hesitate in spending the right amount of money for the best results.

No matter what kind of tattoo genre explained here appeals to you the most, make sure that your artist has professional experience. He or she has either done a lot of tattoos or has gained experience with time.

The artists at 905 ink are well trained and experienced in doing the various kinds of tattoo genres. Our Artists are also dedicated to improving the quality of their tattooing skills so they can give the best results to the clients visiting 905 studios. To see the work of our artists, or get any advice for getting a new tattoo, you can visit our Brampton and Toronto Studios. If visiting the studio will not be possible, You can reach us through our website and Pinterest page too.

Basics About Tattoo Ink You Should Know

The permanent tattoos are popular these days. If you notice people around you, 2 out of 5 adults have one tattoo at the least. However, it is also true that tattoos of many people start looking bad after some time. There can be many reasons for this, like the tattoo was not given proper care, or the artist did not do the right job, etc. Reasons like these are rare because most tattoo artists are in the industry for their excellent work. Also, these artists guide their clients completely about the post-care process.

While reasons like these rarely affect the tattoo, there is one reason that plays a major role, yet not all know about it. What kind of tattoo ink is used on your body, plays a significant role in defining the appearance of the tattoo in the longer run. Therefore, you must know what ink is being used by your artists and how it can affect you.

This post will help you understand the basics about tattoo inks that have either been used or will someday be used on your body, so read till the end.


The Basic Components Present In All Tattoo Inks

The tattoo inks have 2 basic components that is the carrier and the colourant (pigment). The carrier helps the colourant to stay in the ink and free from pathogens. The pigment or the colourant is the part that remains in the skin. It shows the colour of the tattoo.

Both these components are going to reach the different layers of your skin. They will come in contact with the arteries, and blood vessels present inside. Therefore, you should be aware of what are these components made of.

The carrier is a clear liquid and can be either glycerine, alcohol, or witch hazel. The pigment or colourant is made from both mineral and organic resources. The quality of the tattoo ink will depend on the ratio between the colourant and carrier. There is no perfect ratio defined till date for the highest quality of the tattoo ink, and this is why not all tattoo inks are considered amongst the best.

The tattoos made with low-quality careers will not have a very dark colour of the tattoo. The tattoos made with such inks may look faded after a few years or not have very crisp details from the very beginning.


Choosing The Right Ink

Whether you are the tattoo artist or a client who is getting a tattoo, you should understand the components present in ink. You can easily find these components on the bottle of the tattoo ink. Prefer a brand that has more of the organic ingredients and less of the minerals and metals. The inks with organic carriers and pigments might be more in price, but they are of the best quality. They are not just right for the aesthetics of the tattoo but are also better for the health. Inks with more inorganic minerals and metals can affect your skin health in the longer run. If you going to get a tattoo soon, ask your artist about the ink, they will use and then research the components by yourself. If you think that this ink is not going to be right, you can request your artist for a more organic product. This may fluctuate the price for the tatoo, but that will be worth the chance.

905 Ink, Toronto Tattoo Artists

If you are looking for tattoo artists in Toronto who use the highest quality tattoo ink, 905 Ink is your place to go. Whether the tattoo of our client is small, big, basic or intricate, we make sure that we are giving you the best product in the form of ink. While our professional tattoo artists use the highest quality of tattoo ink, we also ensure the hygiene factor in our studios.

To know more about us you can find us on the internet. You can type in your search bar Best tattoo artists in Toronto, or if you are in Toronto, you can type tattoo artists near me. You can get our contact details and get in touch with us. We will be happy to clarify any of your queries regarding tattoos.

History Of Tattoo Making – How It All Started?

Whether it is about tattoos in Canada or the rest of the world, they are gaining popularity. Now, the people are getting inked with tattoo ideas that carry meaning for them. Even the number of artists in the tattoo industry has increased. Each one is working hard to improve their skills.

However, before the tattoo industry’s current scenario, there were different times when there were not even tattoo machines. In this blog post, we shall be talking about the interesting history of the tattoos. This information is not just to increase the factual knowledge of tattoos, but also to help the readers develop a better taste in choosing the right tattoos for their personalities.


The research suggests that tattoos were practiced in Western China, Egypt, the European continent, Greenland, Philippines, and other parts of the world. With these facts, it cannot be surely said that where was the first tattoo made. However, some researches may suggest that first tattoos were made in Egypt. The two mummies with tattoos that were found in Egypt can be dated between 3351 and 3017 BCE.

The tattoos started with tribes and were used to differentiate the tribe members. It was done both within and outside the tribe. Within the tribe, the tattoos defined the rank of the member. A senior member of the tribe would have either more tattoos or a few tattoos that only seniors could get. The different tribes had different tattoos, and thus the different designs were used to recognize the tribe of a person.

Later this culture came was carried on, and people started using tattoos to define their religion, belief, etc. This practice also got prominent in gang culture. Different gangs had different tattoos to represent their member, just like the tribes were doing in the past. Because of this, the tattoo practice also started in prison. People serving time in prison got tattoos there, and because of this, the tattoos started getting a bad name.

People who wanted to do a job were suggested to either not have a tattoo or not let it be visible when going for a job interview. In countries like Japan, tattoos are still connected with gangs and Yakuza. However, as the human race got more civilized with time, tattoos were less related to violence and more with art. Tattoos are still not appreciated in various countries and cultures, but in most parts of the world, youth is inclined towards this art form and giving it a different meaning. 


The Current Scenario Of Tattoo Industry

The tattoo artists these days define the tattoo industry in a better way. They are more artistic and dedicated to their work. If you are willing to get a tattoo with meaning, you can visit the studios and talk about your idea. Artists will understand your vibe and come up with a sketch that best describes your thought or imagination. 

Celebrities spend a fortune to get the best artists and get inked. With more understanding of this art form, the general population also tries to find the best artists to tattoo their skin. With an increase in competition in the tattoo industry, the artists are also improving their skill level, equipment, space to do tattoos, and their social media presence.

Currently, the tattoo art form is very much trending, and everyone wants some tattoo to define their thoughts. Because of this, there are not just great artists in the industry, but also novice artists who lack skill. You should be aware of this fact and pick the right artist, so your tattoo looks like you had portrayed it in your imagination.

Tattoos In Toronto And Brampton

905 Ink is the best destination in Toronto and Brampton to get inked. All artists working with us are professionals. To understand and see these artists’ work, you can either visit our studio or our website. Also, keep updated with our weekly blogs as we bring both the important information and the latest updates related to the tattoo industry. 

Ink On The Finger’s Inner Surface Is Not The Best Choice – Explained With Logic

The job of a real tattoo artist is not just to ink the bodies of their clients, but also to provide them with the best tattoo advice. Whether it is about what colour will be suitable, or if it is about which part of the body is not ideal for a tattoo, the artists at 905 Ink are ethical. 

If a particular kind of tattoo is not the best choice for a client, we suggest that the client drop the idea. We often do this when we receive requests for tattoos on the inner part of the finger. The ring finger is the most popular demand which we have to deny. In this post, we shall give you the logic behind denying such tattoos.

When this particular part is inked, giving even the most basic care gets tough. We understand that the clients want this spot to have some ink. Mostly the reason is to express love for a person in life. As beautiful is the idea, it is tough to maintain the tattoo inked on the inner part of the finger. To understand the logic behind, go through the points elaborated ahead. 


1. Unavoidable And Regular Friction

If you see how is the bone structure of the human hand, you will notice, it is not possible to hold the fingers completely away from each other voluntarily. If you are not controlling your fingers, there will always be regular contact in the fingers.

When you get a fresh tattoo, you are supposed to prevent any rubbing on the inked skin. With the tattoos on the inner part of a finger, doing so is impossible. Even if you control this for the time you are awake, the fingers will rub while you are asleep. It will affect the quality of the tattoo as the pigment will get scratched out because of the regular friction. In some cases, it is also possible that the inked person may get an infection because of the friction.


2. The tattoo fades away with time

Even if you managed to go through the healing process of the tattoo on the finger’s inner part, it would eventually lose its quality. People with such tattoos often come to the conclusion that the artist did not do the job well, or did not use good quality ink. However, even if the world’s best ink was used for such a tattoo, future results will not be as per expectations.

You have to use your hands and fingers for several tasks, which affects the quality of the art. Also, this part is often exposed to sunlight. Therefore the ink has a lot of chances of fading. 


3. Drawing A Tattoo On This Part Is Complex

When the artist has to draw the tattoo on your body, it is expected that the body (the tattoo artists’ canvas) will still be to some extent. Controlling the finger for the client gets tough, and in such situations, making the tattoo is also not an easy task. There is a possibility of a mistake while tattooing this spot. Neither the artists nor you would want to have an error in a permanent tattoo.

4. Ink Blots More Easily On The Inner Finger Tattoos

Almost all tattoo artists have observed that tattoos on the inner part of the finger have blotted ink. The reason is simple that this part is tiny. Only small tattoos can be made here, and if it has even the least amount of detailing, the ink will surely blot after some time.

At older ages, the wrinkles on the hand will make the ink blot, and your tattoo on this spot will not look as you had it made.


As the artists at 905 Ink care for their clients’ best interests, the requests for tattoos on the inner part of the finger are not accepted. As ethical artists, we always suggest our clients to not even seek other artists for the same request. Most tattoo artists will deny this request, but if they are usually pushed, they tend to say yes, just to fulfill the clients’ request. Although, we expect that our readers will understand the logic of 905 ink artists denying these tattoos and think about the futuristic approach.