Basic Tattoo Categories That You Should Be Aware Of – Part 1

The tattoo art has become so popular in the current times that amongst five adults, one surely has a tattoo. Whether you are planning on getting inked today or in the future, necessary information on various tattoos will help you choose the right tattoo for your personality. Also, knowing the current popular art form makes you a more aware and learned personality. To keep the post interesting, we divided it into two parts. Go through the both to be updated with the right information.

Tattoo Genres


905 INK Tattoo ArtThese old school tattoos are a combination of solid colors and outlines. Also, the images in the classic Americana tattoos is old school ideology-based. Few examples to describe this tattoo category can be a pinup female figure tattoo, tattoos with roses and daggers, predatory animals like wolves, etc. In 1930 Norman Sailor Jerry” Collins made these kind of tattoos famous, and to date, it is a prevalent tattoo choice.


Many people misinterpret the meaning of Japanese tattoos as the tattoos which have words written in Japanese. However, this whole genre of tattoos has a significant history related to them. These are associated with the ancient Japanese artwork, which depicts their gods, dragons, and various other characters in the old Japanese traditions rand sc. At a certain point in time, these were done only as colored tattoos; however, black and white Japanese tattoos are also getting popular now. If you plan on something like these tattoos, you must be aware that such tattoos will cover a large part of your body.


Like Japanese tattoos, the new school tattoos are also meant to cover large parts of the body and usually done on the back, arm sleeves, or other prominent areas of the body. The new school tattoo genre is all about depictions of comic book and manga characters and incidents. This tattoo genre is one of the most popular amongst tattoo enthusiasts.


Geometrical tattooThe most popular tattoo genre is black and grey, and many tattoo artists prefer doing it too. These tattoos can be used in various other categories of tattoos also. They can be of any size depending on the decision of the client and the artist. The artists who are pro with black and grey tattoos usually try to find different shades of grey by diluting the black ink. Well done, black and grey tattoos are very outstanding and never fail to impress the viewers.


The original tattoos that were done in tribes and are currently known as tribal tattoos were done only in black color. From these tattoos originated the blackwork tattoo category. These tattoos, similar to tribal tattoos, have thick black outlines. The filling is also done with the black ink itself, and the designs are mostly symmetric. The artists doing these tattoos can offer their clients several designs with varying sizes.


Most professional tattoo artists do these tattoos in the industry, and clients who get these tattoos are the ones who are passionate about drawing art. These tattoos can be in any color mixtures, sizes, and designs. They outstand because they look alive like a real picture clicked from a camera. If you are willing to get a realistic tattoo, you must not hesitate in spending the right amount of money for the best results.

No matter what kind of tattoo genre explained here appeals to you the most, make sure that your artist has professional experience. He or she has either done a lot of tattoos or has gained experience with time.

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