Basics About Tattoo Ink You Should Know

The permanent tattoos are popular these days. If you notice people around you, 2 out of 5 adults have one tattoo at the least. However, it is also true that tattoos of many people start looking bad after some time. There can be many reasons for this, like the tattoo was not given proper care, or the artist did not do the right job, etc. Reasons like these are rare because most tattoo artists are in the industry for their excellent work. Also, these artists guide their clients completely about the post-care process.

While reasons like these rarely affect the tattoo, there is one reason that plays a major role, yet not all know about it. What kind of tattoo ink is used on your body, plays a significant role in defining the appearance of the tattoo in the longer run. Therefore, you must know what ink is being used by your artists and how it can affect you.

This post will help you understand the basics about tattoo inks that have either been used or will someday be used on your body, so read till the end.

The Basic Components Present In All Tattoo Inks

The tattoo inks have 2 basic components that is the carrier and the colourant (pigment). The carrier helps the colourant to stay in the ink and free from pathogens. The pigment or the colourant is the part that remains in the skin. It shows the colour of the tattoo.

Both these components are going to reach the different layers of your skin. They will come in contact with the arteries, and blood vessels present inside. Therefore, you should be aware of what are these components made of.

The carrier is a clear liquid and can be either glycerine, alcohol, or witch hazel. The pigment or colourant is made from both mineral and organic resources. The quality of the tattoo ink will depend on the ratio between the colourant and carrier. There is no perfect ratio defined till date for the highest quality of the tattoo ink, and this is why not all tattoo inks are considered amongst the best.

The tattoos made with low-quality careers will not have a very dark colour of the tattoo. The tattoos made with such inks may look faded after a few years or not have very crisp details from the very beginning.

Choosing The Right Ink

Whether you are the tattoo artist or a client who is getting a tattoo, you should understand the components present in ink. You can easily find these components on the bottle of the tattoo ink. Prefer a brand that has more of the organic ingredients and less of the minerals and metals. The inks with organic carriers and pigments might be more in price, but they are of the best quality. They are not just right for the aesthetics of the tattoo but are also better for the health. Inks with more inorganic minerals and metals can affect your skin health in the longer run. If you going to get a tattoo soon, ask your artist about the ink, they will use and then research the components by yourself. If you think that this ink is not going to be right, you can request your artist for a more organic product. This may fluctuate the price for the tatoo, but that will be worth the chance.

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