905 INK Tattoo Shop Brampton

Rated top shop of Brampton is the original tattoo studio of all 905INK franchises. Maintaining a sterile environment, properly meeting customer requests and being determined to create great art is what lead to these high ratings. At 905INK we have artists who specialize in different styles like black and grey realism, colour realism, minimalism, traditional style, black work, geometric designs, dot work, Japanese, and more, which helps clients get the best of what they want! Client skin is valued as canvases to our tattoo artists, as they use their machines to create art in the form of tattoos. This team believes communication is key when it comes down to permanent work, so getting in contact by coming into the shop, calling or emailing is important and encouraged.


(905) 789-9993


470 Chrysler Dr. Unit #24
Brampton. ON L6S 0C1


Our Services

– Portraits
– Black and Grey Realism
– Colour Realism
– Custom Designs / Script
– Dotwork
– Minimalism Style
– Linework / Line art
– Asian Art (Japanese)
– Water Colour
– Traditional / Neo Traditional
– Tribal
– Cover-ups / Re-works

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