Jenn Tattoo Apprentice


She goes by MsDefinition and is a tattoo apprentice learning under ArtHvbits. MsDefinition started her apprenticeship at 905INK in the Brampton location, learning the ins and outs of a tattoo studio and what is required of a professional artist. This funky roller skater now works at our new Toronto location doing blackwork tattoos and realistic art projects hoping to eventually do realistic tattoos.

Kat Tattoo Artist


A great addition to our Toronto team is Kat! A kind soul who likes to tattoo uniquely dark art with mixed styles of blackwork, shading and dotwork. Give her your ideas and she will come up with an artsy design on her tablet. She admires a good dairy free coffee if you ever feel like treating her.

Mano Tattoo Artist


If you are looking for something that is a unique style with hints of Japanese and surrealism Mano is your guy. Currently working between our Brampton and Toronto locations to meet your needs. When he’s not tattooing you can often find him sketching or driving to loud music.

Bhupi Tattoo Artist


Bhupi has been in the tattoo industry since 2005, learning his ways in to the game and becoming a great tattoo artist! Till this day he learns new styles and improves his game. Bhupi specializes in black and grey, realism & traditional. Bhupi is a straight get to work kinda dude, he focuses on his work to ensure its perfection. He will ensure your experience is pleasant and memorable!

Raf Tattoo Artist


Raf is one of our senior artists. He likes to do a variety of styles including custom graffiti style script, Japanese, realism and more. This techno lover will always have something interesting and different for you to be entertained by on the screen while you’re getting tattooed by him.

Ace Tattoo Artist


Ace’s wonderful, gentle polite personality has our clients coming back for more ink! He likes to get the beats pumping and get in the groove of tattooing. He is a creative individual who specializes in minimalism, geometric and dotwork. He will put you in a Zen state and you may even find yourself meditating with him while you get tattooed.

ArtHvbits Tattoo Artist


ArtHvbits’ realistic work is getting tattoo lovers attention! She brings to the table large pieces of black and grey realism, colour realism, and a dark gothic style experience. Everyday something new comes to her plate and she exceeds with a creative finished piece. You may find her unintentionally soothing you with her singing as she zones into tattooing.