Our Services

– Portraits
– Black and Grey Realism
– Colour Realism
– Custom Designs / Script
– Dotwork
– Minimalism Style
– Linework / Line art
– Asian Art (Japanese)
– Water Colour
– Traditional / Neo Traditional
– Tribal
– Cover-ups / Re-works


All pricing is done at the studio, please inquire within. Our artists charge by hourly/day rate. We welcome everyone to come in for a consultation, as they are free and you will get to speak with our professional artists.

Drawings/designs can be done when an appointment is booked with a deposit. We recommend for you to do research regarding the tattoo you want to get, bring your ideas/references when you come in. These ideas/references will help us put things together such as; the amount of work required, placement of the tattoo, approximate size and design flow, and fitting of the design to proportionally fit your body where the tattoo is being placed.

Our Art and Design

Our tattoo designs are an investment for a future appointment. We ask that you respect the artwork which is being created for you. An agreement is being done between 905INK and yourself based on the references/ideas/consultation. A deposit is required for us to proceed with your appointment and artwork. On completion of your tattoo, the deposit will be taken off the final price. We ask that you, as a client, understand that we are charging for a service and by booking an appointment you are in a commitment with us. The artwork remains as property of 905INK Tattoo. For more information regarding deposits, please review our deposit policy.


During the consultation, we go through any reference materials you might have and discuss concepts for your future tattoo. The more information provided to us, the better we’ll understand what you’re looking to get. Consultations provide an opportunity to discuss correct sizes, perfect locations, rough estimates of time and more importantly approximate costs. Please don’t give a reference of some other persons’ tattoo and say you want the exact same tattoo. We respect other tattoo artists’ work and to copy someone else’s work would be disrespectful. We are professional artists as well that can provide custom artwork. If you’re looking to get a tattoo that is already done on somebody else, quite frankly, we will not do it. A design is shown to you on the day of your appointment and you are given the opportunity to make any changes. It is your day and we will make any changes you like before starting. We will try our best to give you a rough estimate over the telephone/email, but often we prefer not to due to miscommunication. Just remember your tattoo depends on many factors including but not limited to:
– Size
– Skin tone
– Complexity of design
– Part of body
– Time

It’s always best if you come in for a consultation beforehand to achieve the best communication.

How to book an appointment

We recommend always coming in to book an appointment, which at that point you can consult with a professional. At the end of your consultation, you can book your appointment by leaving a deposit. If you know exactly what you’re looking for (you previously have tattoos) and just want to book an appointment but cannot make it in person, we have an online booking form which will allow you to book. This does not confirm your appointment until a member of 905INK calls you to confirm the time/date. (Deposits will be required and can be paid online).
Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable, but will be put toward the total cost of your tattoo. Please note 48 hours notice for rescheduling an appointment is required. Please understand that missed appointments mean somebody else was unable to put art on their body because we saved that time slot for you.

General Rules

  1. Clients must be 18 to get a tattoo & piercings. ID may be required to prove age. (Parents/Guardian to be present if under 18 for piercings)
  2. Make sure you eat something before you get your tattoo.
  3. Clients must be sober to get a tattoo No exceptions.
  4. Please make sure you arrive clean, as the artist will be touching you.
  5. Our shop can sometimes be quite social – please let us know if privacy is important to you.

Planning To Get A Tattoo?

We run a family friendly shop. Drop by, call or email anytime to check us out. Ask us questions for clarity and see what we can do for you!