Getting A Tattoo?

Appointment Preparation

How to PREP for your Tattoo Appointment


What to do the day of your tattoo:
• Eat a big meal beforehand
• Drink a lot of water
• Avoid alcohol the day before and the day of your tattoo appointment
• Taking prescription medicine? Let your artist know before-hand
• Avoid painkillers or illicit drugs (This will make your blood thin and tattooing will be very difficult)
• Pack snacks, a (non-alcoholic) drink
• Pack a phone charger and cash for your tip
• Please wear deodorant, don’t douse yourself in perfume or cologne. You don’t want the artist rushing because they can’t stand the smell.
• Dress comfortably and in dark colours to avoid ink/blood stains
• Stretch or do some light cardio beforehand; you’ll be in the same position for a while
• Stay calm, do breathing exercises or whatever it takes to get you into Zen-like state.
• Set aside more time than you think you’ll need; you do not want to rush this.

Tattoo Aftercare

Your artist will inform you how long you should keep the bandage on your tattoo.  
(Please follow bandage removal instructions exactly as informed by your artist) 

• Always have clean hands when handling your tattoo
• Gently remove bandaging while under running cool-warm water, therefore reducing the risk of damaging the tattoo.
• Once bandage is removed, with your clean hand and warm soapy water, use an unscented soap to wash the tattoo off well. For larger tattoos, or areas difficult to reach, it’s best to rinse the tattoo off in the shower. 
• When done washing the tattoo off, gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean paper towel and allow the tattoo to air dry and breathe for 2 to 4 days. 
• Apply thin amounts of Vitamin E cream, tattoo aftercare, or lotion (Fragrance free). We currently sell Hustle Butter Cream and Hustle Butter Soap. 
• The lotion should be applied to the tattoo for at least the first 2 weeks of healing, using a thin layer that absorbs quickly (too much lotion will cause your new tattoo to scab excessively). 
• Somewhere between 3 and 6 days, the tattoo will start to flake off like tissue paper. Some key points are:  
-Do not pick at or scratch.  
-Let the skin peel naturally.  
-You will notice small pieces of dry skin containing colour coming off while using the lotion or washing the tattoo.  This is normal – it is just the top layer of dead skin coming off.  Your tattoo is not disappearing. 
• Call your artist if you have any questions regarding your tattoo.  
• Re-bandage the tattoo once the bandage is completely removed. 
• Allow direct sunlight on tattoo for first 3-4 weeks. 
• Pick or scratch the tattoo while it is peeling. 
• Swim, take a bath, or enter a hot tub or sauna for one month or until the tattoo is completely healed. 
• Shave the area until tattoo is completely healed (approx. 5 weeks). 
• Wax the area until tattoo is completely healed (approx. 8 weeks). 
• Apply vaseline (petroleum jelly), alcohol, healing ointments (polysporin) or sun block to fresh tattoo.  
Some extra stuff: 
Once you leave the shop, taking proper care of your tattoo is your responsibility. 
• Small amounts of colour may appear on clothing or sheets for first few days. 
• When tattoo is peeling, colour will appear in pieces of dry skin. 
• If the tattoo is in an area where it can be exposed to the air, allow it to breathe.  Allowing the tattoo to breathe will help the healing.  
• If possible, wear loose fitting clothing over your tattoo while it’s healing and be careful not to suffocate your tattoo with socks or pantyhose.  
Please call/email us if you have any questions or concerns, we will gladly assist. 

Useful Information

To book a consultation, first you should research. Look at our artists portfolios beforehand to see which artists work or style you like. Call our studio (either Toronto +1416-546-3373 or Brampton +1905-789-9993) and arrange a time to meet the artist you would like to consult with. We are a custom tattoo shop, we like to work with you to create something meaningful and unique. In order to keep your tattoo details in place, you must listen to the artists’ recommendations on the sizing. The artist will tell you the smallest size your tattoo can be done, in order keep the longevity of the details. If you’re looking for a certain size tattoo and artist states it cannot be done, please do not insist as they will not do the tattoo. At the end of the day, we are in business to provide quality tattoos which will last in the details. We do this as a passion, aside from a business aspect. It is not all about making money but providing clean and quality work , while ensuring our customers are satisfied 100%.

If you cannot call or make it in person, for your convenience, you can book a consultation time below. A member from 905 Ink will contact you to arrange a time.


    Planning To Get A Tattoo?

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